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South Florida Living

by Maharzada Realtors Inc. 06/23/2020

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

For many, South Florida is an attractive option.  With a rich, diverse culture and plenty of entertainment and amenities at your fingertips, this could very well be your paradise. While it all sounds good, there are pros and cons of living in South Florida to consider before making the plunge. Here are a few things you should know:



Florida doesn’t have any! This fun fact is an incentive most people love.


About 85% of the time it will be sunny – every single day. Even when it’s cool outside, there’s a good chance it will be sunny. While most of the country fights snowstorms, you’ll be lounging on the beach.

Things to do

It would be difficult to run out of things to do in South Florida. From college and professional sports, an abundance of malls, beaches, parks, the theater, shopping and major attractions a few hours away, South Florida offers the best of everything.

Housing variety

There are a variety of housing options. Beautiful architecture and designs in single-family homes, condos, townhomes and more are available right on the water. If you feel like living in a mansion on a private island, there’s an option for that too.


As one of the largest school districts in the country for K-12, students have a number of options, including charter, public and private schools. With a number of colleges and universities in town, getting an education is easy.



While the weather is great most of the time, it can be a con, especially during the rainy season. Things can get quite unpredictable – you’ll have a ton of sunny days, but then the rain comes, and doesn’t want to stop. Additionally, South Florida is prone to hurricanes, which can cause a lot of damage, or headaches while preparing for a storm that may never arrive.


Because South Florida is so popular, traffic can be a headache. Unless you’re moving into an area that has a live, work and play environment with tons of walkable space, you could find yourself stuck in traffic more often than you’d care to.

It’s true – no place is perfect, but South Florida is one of those places where you won’t be disappointed if you love warm weather. While you may miss the scenery of canopy roads and the first droplets of snow during the winter, South Florida has its own type of beauty. If you’re ready to take the plunge (literally), South Florida awaits. Welcome home.